Build or burn?

Status symbols

See if you recognise any of these:

Symbol Meaning
Fountain pen I don’t have to write anything nowadays
Cufflinks Where’s my frock coat and top hat?
A perfect dimple in your necktie I’m a management consultant
An imperfect dimple in your necktie I’m an academic
No necktie I’m in the back office
A scarf worn indoors I’m a designer
A beard, cap & trousers that are too short I’m in fashion
Flag(s) outside the HQ We’re about to go out of business
Executive dining suite We went out of business in 1983
Scallop kitchen outside executive office We’re about to put everyone else out of business
Wood panelling and other ‘period detail’ Ignore the musty smell in this office
Floor to ceiling (yes, ceiling) carpet Someone is buried underneath this office
A dedicated parking space I’m the great Red Dragon.  Do you see?
Rolex watch Junior management
A watch brand you’ve never heard of Senior management
A swatch I’m so rich I don’t have to try any more
A company Ferrari / Rolls-Royce I built this company from nothing
A turntable in the garage I’m in sales (see also ‘fountain pen’ above)
A villa I don’t like living in my own house
A yacht I’m so bored
A jet See ‘flags’ above


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